What we do

We focus on assisting our customers in digitizing their sales-and marketing processes

Most companies have since long implemented structured processes for finance, logistics, manufacturing, purchasing etc. However, when it comes to the functions marketing and sales, it surprisingly often lacks that structured process. By automating and structuring the sales and marketing processes, significant positive effects can be achieved.

Sales Harmony helps B2B companies in the SMB-segment to:     

  • Select the right IT-systems for digitizing of sales and marketing
  • Implementation of these systems     
  • Train marketers and sellers to use the new systems and methods     
  • Measure and monitor that the objectives are achieved and preferably exceeded 

Who we are

Together we have more than 50 years experience in B2B sales and marketing. That´s power!

We are two senior consultants who together have extensive experience in sales and marketing in the B2B area. We have primarily worked in the IT industry, but also as consultants helped many companies both in the retail and manufacturing industry to restructure and improve both marketing and sales.

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